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    We Pride Ourselves In Our Knowledge Of 4x4 Repair And Maintenance To Get Your 4x4 Back On The Road.

    The ASE certified mechanics at Boswell's Auto Repair have years of experience working on standard 4-wheel drive (4x4) vehicles as well as all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles. AWD is a full-time 4-wheel-drive system (all four wheels receive torque from the engine simultaneously) that employs a center differential that allows each tire to rotate at different speeds.

    Boswell's Auto Repair understands the special needs of these vehicles. Below are some of the 4x4 services we offer at our Waldorf, MD location.

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4x4 Differentials

The differential transfers the engine's power to the wheels of the vehicle. The most important function of the differential is to transfer the power to the wheels while still allowing them to rotate at different speeds.

When a vehicle is turning, the outer wheels travel a greater distance than the inner wheels do (also the front wheels travel a longer distance than the rear wheels). This means that all of the wheels travel at different speeds during a turn and this is where the differential comes in to help. To make sure your vehicle's differentials are working correctly be sure to have them checked regularly.

Contact Boswell's Auto Repair today for differentials examination and servicing. Call us at (301) 645-3722

4x4 Driveline

A driveline is made up of all the parts of the powertrain (the main components that generate power and drive your truck) excluding the transmission and engine. The driveline set-up can change depending on whether the vehicle is rear-wheel, front-wheel, or four-wheel drive.

With time, moisture, pressure, heat and load, the gear oil starts to breakdown leading to lubrication failure and worn out gears. This will result in a noisy engine and poor truck performance. To solve driveline problems, you need to have the worn-out lubricant and engine parts replaced. To have this done by experts, call (301) 645-3722 or visit Boswell's Auto Repair today. We will ensure that you experience smoother gear shifting.

4x4 Transfer Cases

A transfer case is a part of a four-wheel drive system found in four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles. The transfer case receives power from the transmission and sends it to both the front and rear axles.

This can be done with a set of gears, but most transfer cases manufactured today are chain driven. The transfer case is connected to the transmission and also to the front and rear axles by means of drive shafts.

Trust the ASE Certified auto repair experts at Boswell's Auto Repair for all your transfer case repairs in Waldorf, MD call us at (301) 645-3722!

4x4 Transmissions

4x4 transmission repair is not something you should take lightly. The transmission is connected to key parts of your vehicle and needs to be working properly for your safety and the proper working of the vehicle.

At Boswell's Auto Repair some of our 4x4 transmission services include replacing filters and draining fluids to prevent transmission damage.

Common issues of a transmission that may lead to repair may include shifting propblems, slipping, stalling, fluid leaks, and the service light turning on.

If you are concerned that your 4x4 transmission needs repair, don't hesitate to call Boswell's Auto Repair today (301) 645-3722.