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  • Auto AC Repair & Service

    When it comes to auto repair, air conditioning (AC) repair is an essential service for keeping your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Not only does a properly functioning car AC keep you cool and comfortable in the summer months, but it also helps with the overall performance of your car. Without proper AC maintenance, you can experience more frequent breakdowns, slower acceleration and reduced fuel efficiency.

    At Boswell's Auto Repair, our experienced team of technicians are here to provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to AC repair. We use only the latest technology and techniques, so you can be sure that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is in good hands. Our services include: inspections, leak detection and diagnostics; complete repairs; refrigerant replacement; system upgrades; compressor replacement; condenser cleaning and much more. We also offer preventative maintenance packages that will help keep your car running at its optimum performance level all year long.

    Affordable AC Repair & Service

    In order to ensure quality service on every job we take on, our certified technicians follow strict safety standards established by industry leaders. These standards guarantee that all components are examined for wear or damage and replaced or repaired if necessary. Our mechanics are trained to conduct thorough inspections of the entire system to ensure that all aspects are functioning optimally before replacing any parts or completing any repairs.

    Having a reliable AC repair shop is essential for keeping your vehicle in top condition during those hot summer months. It is important to always have an experienced technician working on your car in order to prevent costly mistakes or malfunctions down the line. Boswell's Auto Repair provides comprehensive service with attention to detail every step of the way – no matter what type of vehicle you own or what kind of repair it needs!

  • Top 5 Signs Your Vehicle’s AC Needs Repair or Replacement

    To ensure the system keeps working efficiently, it is important for you to look out for common signs that indicate the need for repairs/replacement. So, what are these signs?

    • 1. Low Refrigerant Levels or Leaks

      The AC refrigerant diminishes by approximately 15% yearly. This means, if the level isn’t sufficient, the AC will not be able to produce sufficient cool air.

    • 2. Not Cooling Like It Should

      If there is no cold air, it is a clear sign there are some mechanical issues. .

    • 3. Strange Smell

      A smell like rotten eggs, mildew, or something else, and is usually a clear sign that the AC needs repairing.

    • 4. Mechanical Problems

      As time passes, the AC system’s mechanical parts can malfunction. These include the valves, compressor, and pressure switches.

    • 5. Creates Weird Noises

      Noise from your AC components can be caused by a range of underlying issues, which include issues with the compressor or a broken hose.

Personalized AC Repair and Auto Repair Services

At Boswell's Auto Repair, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to auto care – each situation requires a tailored solution based on specific needs and budget constraints of our customers. Our team takes pride in providing personalized service utilizing cutting edge technology so that you get quality results at competitive prices every time! You can rest assured knowing your vehicle is receiving expert care from highly qualified professionals who understand how important it is for drivers to stay safe on the roads all year round!

Get an AC Performance Check Today!

So, if your vehicle’s AC system displays any of the abovementioned signs, it is imperative you visit Boswell's Auto Repair today. They have the expertise and experience necessary to get your air conditioning system up and running within no time.

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